Sheet Music by Roelof Ruis

About Me

I'm an accordion player, composer and computer programmer from the Netherlands.

I've been playing the accordion for 26 years, since I was 8 years of age. The first 12 years Evert van Amsterdam was my teacher at the local music school.

In 2009 I started at Fontys Conservatory, but I soon found out that the way of teaching/learning didn't really fit me and I quit. Although not through 'official' education, I am currently still developing my skills as a musician under supervision of Pieternel Berkers and Rom Helweg.

Currently I'm very interested in jazz, developing my own playing/writing style and learning to write decent arrangements for larger ensembles.

About My Music

Through this site I hope to provide new, interesting material that people like to play and that shows what a great and diverse instrument the accordion can be.

All music on this site is typeset using Lilypond, an open source music typesetting engine based on LaTeX.

I aim to provide high quality music, and many hours go into typesetting the scores. If you however feel that the scores can be improved in some way, please let me know using the contact form.

About This Website
The website is written in PHP using the Yii2 framework and uses Bootstrap for styling.